Digital Marketing Orientation- Batch of 2019

On March 10th Apar India organized the orientation for its Digital Marketing batch of 2019. The orientation kicked off with TISS anthem “Jayati Jayati” followed by an Introduction to Apar India and the value we hold.


After the Anthem, the Lamp lightening was held, which is an ancient tradition of lightening the lamp signifying auspiciousness, prosperity, and abundance. Light brings brightness which helps us see clearly during dark times.

Our project director Ms. Surbhi Jain Introduce Tata Institute of Social Science to the students and the culture of the main campus in Mumbai, which we maintain at Apar India, Gurugram.

She welcomes the new aspiring Digital Marketer with warmth, advice them to address adversity with optimism.

Director of Apar India Mr. Apar Jain speaks about how Digital Marketing is transforming the world and business in unimaginable ways. and How digital marketing is one of the best career options in 2019.

He also touched on topics like Digital Transformation and what will the job market be like in a few years for a digital marketer. To quote him ” Right now it is the best time to learn digital marketing as it has the highest growth in terms of users than any industry and this trend may end if you don’t take advantage of it and regret later”

Especially after the digital India initiative by the government of India, India currently has the second highest number of internet users in the world. and it is growing exponentially. With so much potential for growth, learning digital marketing is the best option for your career.

Our Founder chairman, Mr. RK Jain, gave an inspiring yet humble speech about recognizing your core values, which is as important as learning a new skill to be successful in your career.

It was a refreshing experience hearing from the founder-chairman himself, who has built this Institution from the scratch and instilled core Values such as openness, honesty, integrity, courage, respect, diversity, and balance permeate the organization.

And finally our digital marketing instructor for the new batch Mr. Jyoti Swaroop Mohanty, MBA in Marketing with vast experience consulting projects for SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing with South Asia, Francophonie countries and the United States.

He talks about where digital marketing was before 5 years, where is it now and what it is evolving into. The future of digital marketing and how it is affecting the way we are doing business. How business will become obsolete in the next 3-4 years if they don’t go digital.

It was quite an overwhelming orientation ceremony, all the students were full of enthusiasm and energy.