India’s 13th President at Apar India’s Graduation Ceremony

Before Dr. Parnab Mujherjee arrived at the convocation ceremony, our Founder chairman Mr. RK Jain was already giving the speech of how privileged he felt to get the opportunity to help students from various professional background to get them skilled, not only will it help them get the desired job they are looking for but it will transform their lives.

“It is each and every person’s duty to help other people for the fulfillment of the society. Because there is nothing greater than changing someone’s life for better. It is this philosophy we live by at Apar India” said Mr. RK Jain.

Similarly, Dr. Parnab Mukherjee talked about the importance of good faculty and administration.  Because a good teacher will share their knowledge, values, and wisdom with students, that they have accrued over the years, which is important for a successful career.

It is the values of Tata Institute of Social Science that it was able to attract and recruit some excellent teachers, students, workforce including its premier Training Hub Partner Apar India.

Dr. Mukherjee praised the potential of Apar India and its ability to impart organized knowledge in the most systematic way benefitting students for centuries to come. This cannot be possible without the presence of the leading scholars of our time as a faculty complementing a dynamic community of student.

Acknowledging the enthusiasm and tireless effortless of all those hardworking individuals involved in this project.

On this occasion, we honor the India navy and how grateful we all are for the freedom they have given us by their service to our country. Several Navy personnel was present during the ceremony which makes the ceremony even more exciting.

The navy personnel and the student had great interaction, they share their stories and lesson they learned during the beginning of their career and how important it is to develop discipline which is the key to all success.

All the students received their Degree and certification from Our Founder chairman Mr. RK Jain and TISS-SVE Director Ms. Neela Dahir. It was a ceremony which was not only a celebration but a learning experience for all.