The profound interpretation of Apar India’s Logo

The profound interpretation of Apar India’s Logo.

The logo of Apar India Group of Institution has been thoughtfully designed to represent the hard working class of our country that make up the young generation with the primary motto of Shiksha, Seva, Sanskaar, and Rojgar.

The design is the direct result of our forward-thinking which was first put forward by our Chairman Director Mr. RK Jain.

The motto “ Siksha, Sewa, Sanskar and Rojgar” has been embraced deep in our values which can be explained with a quote “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

As in Seva, it means to give it back to the world because we believe it’s not about an individual or even an organization but for the well-being of the whole society.

On the other hand, Sanskar is embedded deep in the roots of our values because we believe having a good set of value and holding yourself to high standards is the most important aspect of one’s success.

And lastly, Rojgar, which is the major focus of Apar India, as one could not survive in this world without their work. We believe one should treat their work as their religion and should always be aligned with a sense of fulfillment which can only be achieved through their work, hence Rojgar.

The blue color of the logo denotes that Apar India has pledged to uphold the nobility of Skill and Labour. The white color incentivizes skilled workers to undertake executive and managerial responsibilities through excellence.

And, the main reason behind the circle shape of the logo is that it represents the circle of life. That sometimes it is important to get experience from a broad spectrum of the domain.

The Apar in Apar India signifies the boundless learning experience one goes to, to achieve great results not just academically but in the career as well. In addition, the values Apar India holds is similar to that of our country India and the name “India” in the logo dictates the same.

The complete blend of blue and white collectively represents the spirit of ideation, creativity, and progress by imbibing the best of traditional and modern values and wisdom.

The logo resembles a thoughtful mind integrating – knowledge, value, ethics, and skills for innovative thinking. Resonate with the ethics and the philosophy of our Intuition to create young minds full of new ideas and thoughts and having skills to transform them into reality for the upliftment of people.