Mennu Upadhyay

Thank You Apar India

For making my journey from a Small Town to the MNC Culture possible

A year back, if someone had told me that “ Meenu, you would start earning  right away at the young age of 18”, I would have laughed at him/her.  But today, Thanks to Apar India and the B.Voc Course I have started earning and working in  a Multi National Company.

I am Meenu Upadhyay and I belong to a small village in UP.  I had lost my father at a very young age.  I was offered the job of my father but I had to forego that opportunity and give it to my brother as I was told that after all you are a girl and once you get married if your in-laws do not allow you to work, then the opportunity would be wasted. I faced this discrimination and understood the mentality of the society where the girl child is never given an opportunity.

However, I wanted to make myself confident and financially independent.  With this thought in the back of my mind I came to Delhi and checked various Universities and colleges.  It was then that I came across Apar India, which was providing B.Voc in Sales & Marketing in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences – School of Vocational Education. I took admission in  the  Bachelor of Vocational Education in Sales and Marketing, as due to the course being Work Integrated, the student has to undergo compulsory Internship and work in industry.

Apar India,  not only offered us the regular classes of the course curriculum, it also offered “Employability Skills Development Programs” which was aimed at developing our Communication Skills and Personality.  Apar India, then placed me first at SMC.  After working for some time in SMC, I also got an opportunity to work for Marks and Spencer.  That was the happiest day of my life, when I cleared the interview for Marks and Spencer and got the opportunity to work for an MNC.

I have now completed my Diploma in Sales and Marketing and am a totally changed person today.  I am confident, financially independent and no longer a shy, anxious little girl from a small village.  Now, I have shifted to Delhi and am staying as a Paying Guest and have now learned to live independently and face the world with lot more confidence.